Events & Festivals

Seven Sisters Festival

The Seven Sisters Festival is the world’s largest women’s festival, run by women for women. Our time at this festival was certainly very enjoyable, it had such an amazing atmosphere. The people, fellow stall holders and organizers made it such an incredible experience.

Esoteric Festival

The Esoteric Festival is one of a kind. It is one of the most memorable festivals that we have attended and is an art, music and lifestyle festival. The tight nit community and the friendliness of the attendees, in addition to the amazing customer feedback, make it safe to say that catering at this festival is something to remember and we look forward to doing it again this coming year.

Dragon Dreaming Festival

The dragon Dreaming Festival was the first festival that we did interstate, and it was a great pleasure, from the wonderful customer feedback, the music and the lifestyle. Certainly, a very enjoyable experience and something that we hope to replicate again!

Renaissance Easter Camping Festival and Renaissance New Year’s Camping Festival

These two festivals are very dear to our hearts. We have been doing the Easter Festival for 6 years and the New Year for 5. Every time that we go, we enjoy ourselves immensely with the small community that we come to know very well over time. We eagerly look forward to these festivals every year.

Off Grid Living Festival

The off-grid living festival is something we have been doing for a couple of years, yet we are already so attached. The wonderful customers, fellow stall holders and organisers make it a joy that we look forward to every year. Their sustainability goals are also very important to us as they have helped us make our business more environmentally friendly.

By the Pier Queenscliff Music Festival

This festival was very enjoyable, and we had an awesome time catering there. Cannot wait to do it again.

Mundi Mundi Bash Festival

Indian Hot Food Stall

Call for All Your


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